Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The 2005 Amatuer Draft Preview: First Looks

I put my brain to work today and decided that it would be great that I keep myself and everyone else in tune with College and HS baseball in preparation to this June's draft. Since it's very early in the season, I'm just going to list who my preliminary picks on who I think that we could possibly pick at #8.

1. Justin Upton(HS OF)- Yes, right now he's listed as Baseball America's guess as this year's #1 Pick, but the same thing was said about Stephen Drew last year and he's not even close to being signed yet. We've got the upper hand if Justin falls to us, seeing that we have BJ in our system already and he's visited TB plenty of times.The only drawback on Justin is that we're already vastly deep in outfielders.

2. Brian Bogusevic(College[Tulane] 1B/OF/SP)- A two-way player at Tulane and shows flashes of brilliance at both.This weekend(2/11-2/13) he pitched a brilliant game(13 Ks) one day and had the game-winning hit in the next game(1-1, 3 RBIs). We could use his two-way capabilities and let him figure out what he wants to do. He plays at 2 positions that we could use some depth at(1B and Pitching).

3. Sean O'Sullivan(HS SP/3B/OF)- Has been dubbed one of the top prospects in prep baseball since he was 12. He's a star as both as batter and pitcher. Will probably be drafted as a 3B, but could always be converted into a SP if there was a need.

4. Jed Lowrie(College[Stanford] 2B)- Was one of the best 2B in college and looks like got even better during his offseason. So far he's already hit 4 HRs and its still the beginning of his season. His stock is rising fast and he looks like he could be a very good pick for any team.

5. Alex Gordon(College[Nebraska] 3B)- Not since Darin Erstad has there been such a highly-touted player coming from Lincoln. Alex Gordon has always been a great offensive 3rd Baseman, but that isn't even what makes him so great. It's his defense, which at times seems scary because he does everything so natural.

6. Ryan Braun(College[Miami(FL)] 3B/SS)- BA's Top Freshmen in '02 seems to have gotten his stroke back and has already hit 4 HRs in 7 games for Miami. An injury hampered him last season, so keep an eye on him in case it flares up again.

7. Jeff Clement(College[USC] C)- One of the best hitting catchers in the history of college baseball, but there's some work needed to be done on his defense. Would be an upgrade to the current Toby Hall-Kevin Cash platoon.

8. Wade Townsend(College[Rice, sorta] SP)- It would be great if we could get 2/3rds of the "Rice Trio" in 1 rotation. He's been said to have improved his game alot and gotten stronger, but who knows what a year away from baseball can do to him.

9. Cesar Ramos(College [Long Beach St.] SP)- Former Rays pick in '02 has only gotten better since we drafted him. When I watched him pitch in last year's college World Series, I almost forgot that Jered Weaver was the ace of that staff. Wouldn't mind seeing him again.

10. Stephen Head (College[Mississippi] 1B/SP)- Has one of the nicest swings in college baseball and almost just as good in pitching. They'll probably make him choose a position by the end of the season and we'd be happy for either position.

**I'd like to thank Baseballamerica.com for the names**


Blogger David said...

Plug Mr Townsend into the Rays rotation. I wonder what the O's did to piss him off and not sign.

8:29 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

I'll take Clement. I'm sick of "defensive" catchers.

Besides, that's one of the two rarest commodities you can have on offense: a catcher who can really hit. Your team gets to put a plus in a category where a lot of other teams have to settle for a minus: makes your whole team better.

Also, good bargains are easier to find at OF/1B than they are at the really weak offensive positions, so if we draft our own catcher, we'll be giving ourselves better options a few years down the road.

And I mean, c'mon, how bad can his defense be? If nothing else we can switch him to a CIF position down the road, if his D is really that horrendous.

2:01 PM  

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